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Brazilian-American Model/Actress @itmilaa Mila Santos

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Mila Santos @itmilaa is a gorgeous Brazilian-American model/actress.

Check out Mila Santos' Instagram. Check the link below for a few samples from the content in the member's section of Mila's site.

Mila Santos is a stunning Brazilian/American model and actress. Her focus is on living your best life, finding confidence from within, and loving yourself. Mila enjoys her time spent in the outdoors, especially the beach, and frequently posts images of her escapades and passions in life on her Instagram pages.

Mila was born on the 3rd of July 1996. Her diverse background has allowed her to develop her creativity and to embrace her culturally diverse identity. It has also inspired her natural look and the motivation to inspire other women to embrace their natural beauty, curves, and inner strength. Mila believes that everyone can live the life that they dream of, provided they exercise positivity and a balanced lifestyle.

With a social media following of 300K+ followers, Mila regularly posts updates of her poses on the beach, her love for wine and classic martini's, and her interest in fashion. As a model, Mila keeps her followers updated on the latest fashion from swimwear to form-fitted and curve-hugging apparel. She is also inspired by nature and encourages her fans to appreciate the finer or smaller things in life from the dew drops on a leaf to beautiful sunsets and architecture.

As a professional model and actress, Mila’s goals include starting her own production business and to design clothing for curvy figured women. She is also passionate about animals and nature, regularly sharing posts about her dogs.

Appreciative of her roots, Mila showcases incredible artwork online and enjoys keeping her followers updated on her life, passions, and professional works. Mila strongly believes in living a balanced lifestyle. By regularly sharing words of encouragement and tips to achieve balance, she aims to motivate you to be the best that you can be.

Mila remains a famous social media icon with her natural beauty and positive attitude. Her continued social media growth and impressive stance have contributed to her desirability as an influencer across her media channels. Mila is confident and wishes to empower others to live a life of balance they deserve. Join Mila on her personal and professional ventures across her media channels.


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